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X-rays are a diagnostic imaging test that we perform in office when medically necessary.

Numerous patients don’t require X-rays; in any case, often chiropractors take them as part of a thorough evaluation of a patient’s condition, to rule out pathology (for example, a conceivable tumor, cyst, fracture or congenital variation) or to visualize arthritic changes in the spine, as well as to help in figuring out what types of treatment would or would not be appropriate for a particular patient.

In many instances of non-traumatic musculoskeletal low back pain, X-Rays are not required. One review survey found that in an example of 350 X-Rays, just 15% demonstrated a huge pathology that changed treatment proposals. For the other 85%, there were no clinically huge discoveries on the X-Rays. The conclusion of this study is that unless clinical assessment shows the necessity for X-ray testing, it is not justified and opens the patient to superfluous radiation. The bottom line is we will take X-rays when deemed medically necessary.

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